Friday, April 16, 2010

One-Shot Comic02: You Like It - part two(uncensored version)

Hello guys, I have something for you, "You like it - part two". You can see part one here(Click here).Here is a uncensored version and the steps of coloring. Enjoy!!!

The red-shirt guy is Ton and the hairy guy is Bank. They are my new OCs(I'm sorry, I have got too many OCs).

Here is the steps of coloring!
(Flash version)
Flash by Crimsonblood

(Image version)

Please leave your comment here if you like. Remember, your comments are the greatest fuel for driving my imagination


  1. Mmmm... sweet OCs, tougth my favorite is Bank xD
    The step by step proces is interesting, you start with the draker colors!!!!

  2. Very nice flash and walk through the colouring process. It's always interesting to see that.
    That guy is bold, fisting his friend while he works on his car! XD

  3. damn this look so freaking hot
    and ure coloring proces is impressive too
    now i admit i would love to fuck bank's ass hard lol

  4. Bank is so very very hot!!! I love his nipple rings and his reaction to being fisted is priceless.

    Appreciate the tutorial too by the way

  5. Mmmrrr~ Such hot boys! Hee, looks like Bank's got a strong grip, he might fuck up your car at that rate. ;3 BEAUTIFUL work, it's so cool to see things step by step like that too, but the finished product really has your personality, and your OCs are soooooo sexy!

  6. love this art very much
    mega cool blog ;)

  7. This looks really great. It's super sexy and the colours are lovely. Well done!

  8. flash animation would be good


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