Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Behind You!!

A trade with my friend Hydaria. 
Here is his tumblr :
His part of the trade :


  1. Love his face! His only what-it's-like-at-22-yr-old face! His shoulders, pecs, abs! His massive muscular chest & miniscule waist & hips! What a slave he'd make. To have & to own - to whip & to fuck. To fuck him down his throat, fuck him up his butt. To have him totally entranced by you - unconditionally in love with you! He wants to please you with all his being! Do EVERYTHING you want him to do!
    Imagine his consternation when I tell him his dick is WAY TOO BIg for me! To go back to his creator & get a prick in proportion to his otherwise perfect physique. He's crushed because he's sure his creator won't comply. He will cry out to the Universe to PLEASE let him be altered - so he can go back to the Master he loves with all his being...

  2. hi, i like your art and i would like to make a partnership with you, please take alook atg my blog , if you want make a change of banners/links , let me know, thx!

  3. Hi, I’ve been reading your blog and just wanted to ask you something? Please email me back. Thanks!



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