Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Art trade I: Drake X ME

Hello, everyone. Here is my first entry.
This is a trade with my friend, Hotcha. http://yaoi.y-gallery.net/user/hotcha/


  1. it looks fantastic, man.

    good luck with your blog!
    can't wait to see more posts here.

  2. Looking really awesome!!! The monkey looks soo fierce and naugthy!!!!

    Good to have you around the blog world

  3. Great pic man!.
    And welcome to the world of independent Blogging LOL

  4. so great you have a blog! keep us updated!!! ;)

  5. Amazing pencil work! VERY sexy stuff! It's really intense and powerful.

  6. helo!
    Very good site. It could be possibly a hint? I can not really English but:
    What would you do in a game. The game is that there is a man. A man can choose. There is a small icon next to the man. Something to do. If you did good things to choose from the following: Greater muscle bigger penis larger stomach. And he is clothed. The larger muscles in the penis or the belly or the more torn apart the dress. Eventually, if enough money is enough then maybe, say, the bigger penis. Then the tears of trousers. Or the muscle. Then the shirt is also divided into two parts.

  7. Yeh...Big Boy goes down hard...Train that muscle bound bull...He NEEDS IT

  8. Hm... this looks a bit gay to me :s


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