Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekly Sketches : 07+ 08

Hi everyone!! new sketches for this week are here. I counted a number of previous posts' comments and I can't help myself but to think that people do not like my sketches or prefer colored ones to sketches. Or.. they don't like furry arts. I did not try to make a drama but just being curious about it. hehe


  1. I looove these guy's tiny underwear that are stretched and broken because of the size of their big packages! I've seen you draw underwear the same way on other pics before. So hot!

  2. Haha I love everything you post, your sketches are fine, I like seeing the rough versions.

  3. I don't know who is making you think this, but I hope you don't stop showing sketches. Your full-color images are awesome, but I really just adore how your sketches look. You do a very good job, Eph! <3

  4. well, I do only speak for my self here, I do enjoy all your posts but I do not feel compelled to comment on each and everyone of them. this does not mean I do not like what I see though, I simply do not have the right time or the right words to utter my enjoyment...

    still, I do have favourites, it is true. I do love your ME series and I really, really, really et infinitum LOVE!!! your mascot flash comic.
    your sketches are interesting and they make hungry for more, your coloured work is amazing and also very satisfying.


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