Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sketches in free time

Hi there, everyone. I have sketched a few pictures and I think you might want to see. X3

1. My first OC, MK.  I have missed him so much. X3
 2. Black&White Bunnies
 3. Cow and Tiger Guys
 4. Cow and Tiger Guys in Water
 5. Dog Guy
 6. Gozilla Guy


  1. Promising! Especially underwater and dog guy ;3
    Thou I'm dying to know the story behind the second one ;p

  2. This is all really cool stuff, Eph. X3 I love the Godzilla guy and the bunny guys too. All the faces and expressions are really nice and stand-out as my favorite element on all the pics. Excellent sketches! <3

  3. They are all very cute! My fav is the Gozdilla guy. He is awesome! :D

  4. love your sketches!
    especially the godzilla guy for I am crazy about reptiles, lolz.

  5. OOH Bunnies! I wanna see them colored!


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