Friday, August 26, 2011

Bad news and Good News

Bad News : My facebook account is disabled because I posted some dirty pictures there.

I felt really sad but the show must go on.
Good News : I already got a new account!!! You can search for my account by typing "Epho Rox". This time, I will be more careful.

Before I end this entry, I got a sketch to show. =3


  1. I very like your guys. I very wait your new art! Please, so to hold. I hope that bad news haven't affected your interest to draw often. I would be glad to make friends with you if it is possible. I very wait your answer on

  2. Damn, how do you do it? These guys are so incredibly hot and buff and everything I dream about. And yet those smiles... I wouldn't be intimidated at all to go right up and say 'hi'. Okay, maybe a little, but I would anyways! Terrific work!

  3. Such a hot picture! I love how these muscle studs press up against each others hard bodies, especially their cocks and balls!!

  4. i feel for you ephorox.
    facebook really is a bunch of pruds.

  5. It's impossible to not love just how buff and friendly-looking you make some of your lovely characters. Really fantastic work, as always, Eph. :3
    I've never seen anyone get their accounts disabled before... I guess it's a good thing I don't even bother using Facebook. XD Silly site.

  6. holy fuck I'd love to get down there and give their wet balls a good lick then maybe get in a huge beef sandwich with them.


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